Sales Representative – Jackson, MS 39209

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE QUALIFCATIONS: Must be experienced with direct sales and /or restaurant management. Must have knowledge of food service business, products, marketing and pricing strategies, along with personal development skills to portray and grow a consulting role in the industry. Must be competent in computer skills, as well as written and oral presentation skills, demonstrating full capabilities in arithmetic and writing.

Must be licensed and physically able to drive a motor vehicle and able to communicate with customers. Must be physically able to lift 60 pounds or more to provide product to customers in special needs situations. Must be neat in appearance and able to communicate and work independently.


Sunrise Fresh Produce, Outside Sales Representative is responsible for the direct and personal contact with customers and prospects throughout the designated geographic area of responsibility. The Representatives efforts and activities are to be directed toward fulfilling the Sales and Profit Objectives assigned by the company, while maintaining current business and growing new business. The representative is responsible for the overall business growth and management aspects of the sales module, including the continued function for customer retention, sales penetration and new business development with long-term customer focus. The customer business relationships are to be built with the highest standards of ethics and prioritize overall customer satisfaction.


  • Weekly assigned personal calls to process orders for customers in a manner that maximizes the use of customer communication time and selling time. This includes the many order entry tools provided for direct customer use as trained by the representative.
  • Facilitates the essential communication from the customers to the company, and likewise, for maximized customer satisfaction within the processes of the company business systems.
  • Knowledgeable of both products inventoried and available to the company, including the aligned broker/ manufacturer representatives, for successful communication of customer “needs and wants” and end result customer product satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate the full-line of products and services offered by the company generating interest and purchases from both existing customers and new prospects for a long-term, partnering type relationship.
  • Maintain a thorough written or electronic Route List with complete details for territory maintenance in absences due to vacations, training or unplanned personal needs. This is to be kept updated and completed prior to all scheduled vacations and should include active prospects.
  • Responsible to sell, train and grow the customer base within the guide lines of the company’s policies, differentiating the company from the competition for continued penetration of profitable sale opportunities within each customer.
  • Responsible for analyzing the competitive companies in the territory to determine their areas of strength and weakness with complete familiarity, in turn applying this knowledge to assist the sale of products that benefit the company business by selecting the products with benefits overall for the customer.
  • Works as a service agent for all aspects of the business, while communicating the customer’s needs to the appropriate company personnel to benefit the overall customer satisfaction levels. On many occasions, the representative is responsible for fulfilling an emergency customer delivery, as needed.
  • Analyzes the territory for the greatest potential business prospects with continued prioritization of the Top 20 Potential Customers, persistently communicating with those prospects to convert to customers while maintaining records of information relating to those prospect calls.
  • Maintains and updates customer records for accurate purchases including product lists, pricing, contracts, and availability, while seeking special manufacturer programs as an additional service and margin enhancement.
  • Continually monitors customer payment history for adherence to company credit policies. Also, monitors the customers’ business for vulnerability and overall credit risk for the company and ensures timely receipt of payments to the corporate office.
  • Develops and Assists the District Sales Manager in preparing the territories: Annual Sales Budget, Annual Business Plan and Weekly Sales Route to maximize the Sales Module Achievements and continued Advancement.

Information Exchange

  • Submit all requested reporting forms call sheets, prospects calls, daily routes, etc. to the District Sales Manager as requested.
  • Report “competitor activity” data to the DSM as relevant.
  • Report high-volume potential sales opportunities to the DSM as discovered.
  • Report collection problems to the credit manager with expediency.
  • Read and understand company policy.
  • Maintains product manuals, sales manuals, laptop knowledge, software advancements and order-taking systems to the minimum level of compliance
  • Attend and participate actively in sales meetings with professional participation.
  • Conduct portions of sales meetings, as requested.
  • Demonstrate a “working” knowledge of all product categories.
  • Continually update personal business knowledge with industry trade publications.
  • Provide information to customers on product uses and applications while demonstrating actual preparation methods through live product sampling.
  • Understand and utilize professional sales skills while quoting purchase price to the customer by the portion for overall best impact.
  • Communicate unusually large volume & new product orders to the procurement department to the benefit of order fill rates with timeliness.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Assist in training new personnel sales, warehouse, delivery, office or administrative as needed by sales management.
  • Report directly to the DSM.
  • Cooperate with other members of the sales team.
  • Cooperate with customer service personnel and other employees for the overall benefit of the company work environment.
  • Maintain a “business-like” relationship with customers and prospects.
  • Participate in company events, trade shows, conventions or distribution center tours, as requested.
  • Represent company at industry-wide functions or affairs, as needed.
  • Work with manufacturer broker, industrial representatives, as needed.
  • Work with company specialists, as required.
  • Adjust to customer complaints or problems and remedy with solutions.
  • Participate in the selection of new products at PAC meetings and cuttings as requested for attendance.

Self-Improvement and Development

  • Conduct ongoing personal time study for enhanced sales time management.
  • Attend sales training seminars as requested.
  • Read sales books and business periodicals.
  • Learn details of customers’ businesses for hands on knowledge and pertinent business interaction.
  • Study individual operations served including all market demographics.
  • Read foodservice operations trade magazines.


  • Sales and Performance standards are arrived at by the Business plans in place for the specific sales module as finalized by the General Manager & Sales Manager. The growth-performance and minimum levels of performance are assigned based on individual experience with the company and business. Minimum fiscal year performance standards are put in place with the Annual Business Plan and may be reviewed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis based on overall number satisfaction. The monitoring and growth of profitable “New” business is the highest of priority for the Sales Representative and is measured with great scrutiny for overall performance.
  • Assignments may be varied and detailed based on specific needs and self-starter abilities, as outlined by DSM.


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