Postdoctoral Research Associate – Chapel Hill, NC

The Integrative Program for Biological & Genome Sciences (iBGS) operates at the interface between the UNC-CH School of Medicine and the College of Arts & Sciences to support research that works towards a mechanistic understanding of basic biological processes, thereby generating discoveries that fuel the translational research pipeline. iBGS is uniquely well situated to support and promote the integration of fundamental new discoveries with etiological and therapeutic efforts by clinician-scientists to combat human disease. The Hige Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill is seeking another postdoc, who will enthusiastically work on neurophysiological study using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Using this simple model system, our primary goal is to understand how sensory information is flexibly processed and translated into different behaviors depending on the animal?s past experience or current context. We employ multiple physiological techniques including in vivo whole-cell patch-clamp recording, two-photon calcium imaging and behavioral assays. For more details, please visit our website ( or read the following references. Hige, T., Neurosci. Res. (2017) (Review) Hige et al., Neuron (2015) Hige et al., Nature (2015)

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