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  • All applicants for the position of Pipelayer's Helper shall meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Successfully pass an alcohol and controlled substances screen, in accordance with Flippo Construction Company, Inc. policies and guidelines.

2. Possess the physical and mental ability to perform all work components as listed in the "Job Description."

3. Have a means of transportation in order to report to a designated job location at the specified starting time.


  • Your POSITION or "JOB CLASS" and your starting salary are set at the time you are hired. Both are determined by the Personnel Director, the supervisor, and division to whom you are assigned. Your starting wage can fluctuate depending upon the division you are hired for, current labor market, transportation, job location and contract. Their decision is based upon the completeness of your application, the interview process, your references, and your values and behavior, your talent, your previous construction experience, your job knowledge in our line of work and finally, how well we perceive you to "fit in" with our employees and management philosophies.For the purposes of submitting an employment application with Flippo Construction Company, Incorporated, the job classification of a "Pipelayer's Helper" is considered to be a semi-skilled position which typically works for/with skilled pipelayers. The position requires that the applicant demonstrate his/her ability to perform job tasks more difficult than a general laborer position, both mentally and physically. This job class is considered the first step in gaining the skills and experience necessary to become a skilled pipelayer.

The primary responsibility of a pipelayer's helper is to assist in each phase of installation of all types of underground pipe, conduit, and cable. In addition, the pipelayer's helper must possess the ability to:

  • Assist in the set-up and operation of lasers and transits in addition to having the ability to read grade poles for pipe installation and grading operations.
  • Inspect pipe for cleanliness and defects prior to installation.
  • Work in confined and enclosed spaces.
  • Physically maneuver and properly place the pipe in a temporary and final position.
  • Upon request by your Supervisor, be available to work Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, if required.


The position of a pipelayer's helper requires the individual to posses the physical ability to

perform the following tasks for a minimum of 8 hours per day:

1. Negotiate rough terrain.

2. Climb in and out of manholes, trenches, and/or other confined or enclosed spaces.

3. Climb ladders to a height of 35 feet.

4. Carry and use trade associated tools, equipment, or material up to a weight of 95 pounds.

5. Push, pull, load, and unload tools, equipment, or materials.

6. Operate and maintain pneumatic, gasoline, diesel, and electric powered tools and compressors.

7. Stand, stoop, bend, reach, climb, or walk.

8. Purchase, wear and maintain safety equipment as required by the type of work

or at the direction of the Safety Director or immediate supervisor. These items

must be purchased/worn immediately upon employment.

9. Perform all associated job functions of a laborer, which includes, but is not

limited to: constant physical labor such as shoveling, using sledge or claw

hammers, mixing or breaking concrete, operating pipe or chain saws, carrying

equipment or materials, or any other related duty.

10. Posses the ability to understand, remember, and follow work related

instructions or methods.

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