Operations Lead – Oak Grove, OR

In addition to skills associated with a Team Lead and Wellness Consultant employee must possess sales ability, great delegation skills, follow-up ability, great communication skills, ability to coach employees toward increased performance, and motivational leadership knowledge. Requirements:

  • Must be able to work a minimum of 35 hours per week
  • Must be available to assist in training Monday through Friday

Job Duties:


  • Check schedule each morning to see who is working where.
  • Be aware of electronic alerts for any late opening notification and contact employees to get it covered.
  • Check in with team at the location for motivational sales encouragement or assist with low performance.
  • Make sure store goals are being hit, monitor to avoid cancellations, call and confirm cancellations and try to save them.
  • Reply to all internal and external communications and communicate accordingly
  • Rarely work alone behind the counter, but if necessary, must follow all requirements and guidelines as a Tanning Consultant, Lead by example at all times by being supportive with any questions and concerns during daily operations which includes solving customer service issues.
  • Work with new employees on their first opening & first closing shift
  • Support Team Lead, delegate & follow up accordingly. Hold high accountability for lack of performance.
  • Gather questions and concerns daily to bring to the corporate meeting on Mondays.
  • Report to District Operation Sales Lead on daily basis during or before the shift ends.
  • Check and see how the day ended for the location
  • Be alert for electronic notification on store late closing and contact location and employee to verify it was taken care of.


  • Sunday-Gather all the numbers and information needed for Monday Corporate Meeting
  • Monday- Attend corporate meeting, update team with all information needed from the meeting, update each employee’s goals after receiving store goals from District Operation Sales Lead.
  • Wednesday- Update schedule for the following week
  • Thursday- Turn in completed Schedule for the following week to the District Operation Sales Lead no later than 12 pm.
  • Friday – Complete budget for next week and turn in to District Operation Sales Lead no later than 10 am.


  • Work last day of month to verify that the end of the month paperwork was gathered and faxed to corporate for the location.
  • Return SD card to corporate for the location
  • Follow up with Team Lead on the 2nd and 11th to verify that appropriate paperwork is faxed in from location
  • Turn in Unpaid Charge on Accounts (COA) to corporate by the 26th of the month.


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