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Glow Networks is looking for One-NDS Engineers to join our team at Nokia.

Supplier shall perform Services on the following product/platforms following AIM practices and Nokia processes as determined and communicated by Nokia:

  • One-NDS 20.X on Nokia Airframe servers

Each of the below-described Service packages is a deliverable to be provided by Supplier as set forth herein.

Supplier shall provide One-NDS 20.X Network Design Service(s) by understanding Customer’s business requirements and generating Network Design Questionnaire and Network Design Document including the following activities:

  • Acknowledge receipt of Design Service request within 2 business days
  • Conduct a Design Consultation meetings with the Customer to gather/understand Customer’s requirements and provide guidance on configuration settings.
  • Engage the customer or local teams to discuss IP address blocks, VLAN ID assignment preferences, DNS information, naming conventions and any other configuration related activities
  • Working with Nokia NPO to provide the Customer with a Network design questionnaire based on the Nokia template to obtain the information required for the network design
  • Update the Network design questionnaire based on the Customer’s inputs
  • Review the network design configuration questionnaire with Customer to clarify any questions associated with this document and ensure that all necessary data has been provided.
  • Resolve issues identified in the review within 5 working days of the review and publish the Network Design Questionnaire document
  • Create the Network Design document using Nokia template with Nokia’s NPO and architecture team based on

o Network Design Questionnaire document or the Customer Information Questionnaire (CIQ)
o Resisters Solution Description(s) (SD)
o Registers Detailed Network Design(s) (DNP)
o Registers Engineering Planning Folder(s) (EPF)
o Network design configuration information including the network architecture and the network design — physical and logical diagrams, IP addressing plan, IP routing scheme, VLAN assignments, tables illustrating connectivity and I/O card placement for each chassis, SNMP information, NTP information and general system parameters
o All other required Customer information that describe the detailed requirements with respect to user projections, service features, security strategy, system capacity, expected scalability and network availability expected from the target configuration collected by working with Nokia Registers deployment team

  • Ensure the Network Design document is complete and consist of the solution component configuration details
  • Conduct the review of the document with the stakeholders.
  • Resolve all issues within 5 business days, update the document, and obtain sign-off on the document
  • Deliver a summary report reflecting the Network Design Questionnaire and Network Design documents review summary and corresponding documents

6.2 One-NDS Testing Service Package

Supplier shall perform a Registers installation on NOKIA Airframe 18 server hardware and corresponding verification functions as follows:

  • Acknowledge receipt of testing service request within 2 business days
  • Download Release Notes for Software upgrade from Nokia site
  • Work with Nokia Solution Architecture / R&D to understand the requirements, as needed
  • Creation of Methods of Procedure for the installation of Registers 20.X from the EPF, DNP and network questionnaire.
  • Creation of customer Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP)s
  • Conduct review of the compatibility summary, system status, MOP, and Acceptance Test Plan with the Customer, resolve issues identified in the review, and schedule software

6.3 One-NDS Deployment Service Package

Supplier shall perform a One-NDS 20.X installation on Nokia Airframe server hardware and corresponding verification functions in 3 phases as follows:

  • Acknowledge receipt of software service request within 2 business days

The Preparation phase:

  • Download Release Notes for Software upgrade from Nokia site
  • Analyze the Software Upgrade Requirement
  • Work with Nokia Solution Architecture / R&D to understand the requirement, if needed
  • Analyze compatibility of released software upgrade with respect to the current solution and feature set, and prepare a summary report
  • Verify that the customer system to be upgraded has no outstanding issues such as HW alarms, application alarms, and or any outstanding AR that need to be addressed before the upgrade
  • Review and update Software upgrade MOP following official instructions released. Ensure it meets the Customer environment requirements
  • Ensure execution timings for MOPs will fit into time allocated for a Maintenance Window including back-outs, if needed. To be performed in a Nokia Lab
  • Gather and verify customization done to the system, if applicable
  • Update or create the Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) for the software upgrade
  • Conduct review of the compatibility summary, system status, MOP, and Acceptance Test Plan with the Customer, resolve issues identified in the review, and schedule software upgrade in agreement with all the stakeholders within 15 working days of the request
  • Validate remote access of the system for the remote operation and troubleshooting
  • Conduct Manual pre-checks as per the MOP document. The pre-checks depend on SW release and HW configuration; and includes alarms, HW/SW checks, integration with other Nokia systems, and availability of all licenses (ordering of licenses is Nokia responsibility)
  • Resolve any Manual pre-checks issues and ensure all pre-checks are successfully passed
  • Generate pre-check report and provide it to Nokia
  • Download the needed software from the official Nokia system and transfer to the system to the system to be upgraded at least 2 days before the upgrade
  • Perform the full backup of the system if latest backup is not available
  • Execute and validate the upgrade MOP and ATP with the release the Customer has at Nokia lab, if applicable prior to executing the software upgrade on the 1st production system. Resolve any issues and ensure all tests are successfully passed
  • Ensure Nokia Level 2 and 3 support teams are informed about the planned upgrade and have the remote access
  • Work with the program/project manager to obtain approval for the maintenance window work and site access (if applicable) from the Customer

The upgrade execution phase:

  • Conduct second run of Manual pre-checks to ensure no critical changes to the system
  • Validate that the recent full backup of the system is available
  • Perform the software upgrade as per the approved MOP document
  • Test forward and back-out paths to ensure system is stable after MOP procedures are applied and if required by the Customer
  • If the upgrade is not successful, perform the rollback procedure as defined in the MOP and conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for the upgrade failure
  • Report the issues to the product unit for further investigation if necessary
  • Coordinate with subject matter experts if required to ensure the system is restored to the previous states and functions

The post-upgrade phase:

  • Establish old state (users, customizations, etc.), if applicable
  • Monitor the stability and check the main functions of the system/applications
  • Generate upgrade support following template and communicate to Nokia
  • Conduct Manual post-checks as per the MOP document. The post-checks depend on the SW release and HW configuration; and includes alarms, HW/SW checks, and integration with Nokia NetAct systems. Generate the initial post-check report and provide it to the Customer and Nokia
  • Execute the acceptance test per ATP on the upgraded system
  • Resolve any acceptance test issues and ensure all tests are successfully passed
  • Monitor the system for 24 hours to ensure the system and applications are functioning properly
  • Generate the final post-check report and provide it to the Customer and Nokia
  • Deliver a summary report to Nokia reflecting meeting minutes summary, upgrade activities summary, upgrade MOP, acceptance test plan, issues found and their resolution status, and acceptance test summary within agreed upon interval in the review meeting

6.4 Consultation Service Package

Supplier shall develop a close relationship with the Customer, understand Customer’s business needs, and serve as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to provide the consultation service for any of the specific item as described below:

  • Analysis of business needs and translate them in to solution design
  • Identification of requirements and activities needed to implement new business opportunity
  • High level Design (HLD) requirements clarification
  • Feedback on MOPs, Solution Descriptions, and Low-Level Design documents
  • Review of Customer’s test plan
  • Identification of fixes targeted to resolve issues or improve performance
  • Identification of feature activation files or Right to Use (RTU) passwords or licenses associated with a feature/solution
  • Identification of any pre-requisite feature that needs to be activated for the new solution
  • Identification of technical viability and technical risks associated with product deployments and software upgrades
  • Clarification on product documentation
  • Feature implementation details
  • Feature test strategy (i.e. what to test, how to test)
  • Feature deployment steps including minimum software level needed
  • Execution of Customer’s test plan for product/platforms in scope for this SOW (maximum 10 test cases)
  • Analysis and resolution on the issue

The consultation service shall include the following tasks:

  • Acknowledge receipt of consultation request within 2 business days
  • Track and monitor consultation issue from initiation to completion
  • Participate in applicable meetings including action item reviews with Nokia and Customer, and address all issues that are identified during the review
  • Work with the Nokia Subject Matter Experts (SME) or Senior Nokia Architects as needed to provide necessary information
  • Input all defects found in Nokia specified defect tracking tool, where applicable
  • Provide timely status report once a week
  • Prepare consultation document describing consultation item, stakeholders engaged, solution design, technical requirements, and actions needed
  • Conduct review of consultation document with the Customer, resolve all issues identified in the review, and obtain signoff from the Customer within 20 business days of the request

Deliver consultation summary report and Customer signoff to Nokia within 25 business days of the request.

Sample Requirements / NDS Expert Engineer

SDM Design Engineer – One-NDS:

  • Design and delivery of subscriber solutions (SDM)
  • Define requirements to deliver new platforms and services
  • Assume role of Tech Lead within projects
  • Support the Operations Dept. when required
  • Produce and manage all documentation covering HLD, LLD, Impact assessments etc.
  • Co-ordination of cross functional delivery teams

The position of SDM Design Engineer – One-NDS will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to demonstrate and enhance skills including:

  • Working knowledge of Mobile Core elements (3G / 4G CS and PS) – Associated interfaces including MAP, Diameter and LDAP
  • Working knowledge of Nokia SDM (One-NDS)
  • Proven background of delivering solutions – HLD, LLD and technical requirement specifications
  • Working knowledge of Core Networks including HLR, HSS, MNP and EIR
  • Good knowledge of Nokia OneNDS * Working knowledge of Nokia HSS, NT-HLR, AAA, OneNDS, and NetAct products * VoLTE Call Flows need to be understood (Including Diameter) * Skills working in Laboratory or Production environment – Hands-on * Strong communication skills, Professional and Results Oriented * Understand subscriber profiles * Networking knowledge (basic) and HP Hardware knowledge (iLO, etc) * Experience working on Linux (Redhat/CentOS)/Unix environment with good shell scripting and * knowledge of XML * Knowledge of CBIS/CBAM (Openstack) desirable Tasks to be Performed * · Nokia MOP execution (Installation/upgrades/patches) for Nokia SDM products in Verizon * · MTCE Lab – Execution and Validation * · Collect Logs and Data from Nokia SDM Products in Support of Issue Investigations * · Collect Traces from Nokia NEs in Support of Testing and Issue Investigations * · Analyze Wireshark traces in support of troubleshooting * · Create, modify, and understand shell scripts * · Modify Subscriber Profiles on Nokia SDM Equipment per VzW Requests * · Provide Day-to-Day Expertise to Verizon MTCE and On Site Knowledge for Nokia SDM Products * · Provide Advice, Recommendations, and Consultation to Verizon MTCE on Nokia SDM Products * · Research and Provide Technical Answers to Verizon MTCE Questions on Nokia SDM Products * · Assist Verizon in Alarm Monitoring, System Checks, and Troubleshooting of Nokia SDM Products

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $40,383.00 – $150,000.00 per year


  • Monday to Friday


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Nokia One-NDS: 2 years (Required)
  • Nokia HSS, NT-HLR, AAA, NetAct: 2 years (Required)
  • Linux: 1 year (Preferred)

Contract Length:

  • 7 – 11 months
  • 1 year
  • More than 1 year

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote

Company's website:


Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may apply

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