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Job Information

Position – Union: Mechanic 1/C – (Brewster, NY)

Number of Positions – 1



Under directive supervision inspects, repairs, adjusts and maintains all types of transportation and construction units and equipment such as but not limited to:

Doing motor and electrical work, including adjusting timing, adjusting and repairing ignition systems and overhauling carburetors and fuel systems.

Inspecting, removing, adjusting, repairing and installing suspension and body components, axles and running gear assemblies, including wheels, brakes and steering assemblies, radiators, transmissions and differentials, and engine accessories such as generators, alternators, carburetors, starters, coils, fuel and air filters, etc. Clearing up trouble on units on the road or in the field. Road testing.

Inspecting, repairing, overhauling, adjusting and maintaining all types of transportation and construction transmissions.

Performing all work on hydraulic equipment such as that on pole-hole diggers and aerial lifts; valves, controls, cylinders, hydraulic motors and pumps, pressure adjustments and testing. (Final inspection before return to service following major teardown to be made by Mechanic-First Class.)

Operating a lathe and building bodies or compartments.

Having required license or certification to drive and inspect Company equipment; if mandated by New York State, must be certified to repair motor vehicles and crane equipment.

Operating acetylene and electric welding equipment for cutting, heating, burning, welding and brazing operations.

Directing the work of others assisting him.

Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills required for advancement to a fully qualified Mechanic-First Class. The measure of knowledge and skills acquired will be determined by appropriate tests.

Performing other related or less skilled work as directed including preparing time sheets, running records, gasoline and oil records, and performing other clerical work as required.

Skills and Requirements

Must pass a test of basic knowledge of mechanical and electrical principles applying to automotive and construction equipment and demonstrate ability to handle tools. Progresses as provided in Memorandum governing Mechanic-First Class.

Previous mechanical experience preferred. Should have had a year's experience as a Laborer in the Transportation Department.

Must be a high school graduate or have obtained an equivalency diploma recognized by the State of New York.

Must be familiar with Company's Safety Rules, approved methods of resuscitation and be able to render practical First Aid.

Must obtain required licenses to drive and inspect Company equipment.


Should possess temperament suited to jobs where manual dexterity, precision and patience are particularly essential. Must be willing to work extra and/or irregular hours and/or a shift schedule.

Must be willing to work under unusual or special working conditions and surroundings, as well as the normal working conditions pertaining to this job.

Must be particularly alert in observing hazards and avoiding accidents.

Must possess keen faculties of observation.

Must meet general requirements for all employees as described in the Preamble to Job Specifications.

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