Massage Therapist Wednesday-Thursday 3-11pm, Friday 11-7pm – Everett, WA

Are you looking for a massage job that is no longer defined by “Hands on Massage Hours”? We pay between $20 and $25 for EVERY hour not just hands on time.

We do onsite massage for a major manufacturer in the Puget sound. Our massage is 15 minute clothed on the table every 20 minutes giving a 5 minute turn around time.

Our day allows for up to 7 hours of 20 minute appointments in an 8 hour day. We are able to do shorter days if you would prefer. This day is about 7.33-8 hours of paid time with an unpaid lunch. You would show up about 20 minutes before your first massage and get the area ready, sign into your computer and check your schedule. Your table is already at the location.

The 7 hour day is setup so that you have no more than 2.33 possible hours between breaks or lunches of appointment time. You would get a 20 minute paid break and a 40 minute non-paid lunch scheduled. If you have 100% of people show up you would see 5 hours and 15 minutes of hands on if you keep each massage exactly 15 minutes but most of us give a little extra so I would say 6 hours. On an average day you will have a few no show appointments bringing your hands on hours down. Non-massage time you will enter your very simple note into an online program, build relationships with the athletic trainers and exercise physiologists, or for example take online continuing ed.

We pay for your medical and dental insurance if you are on the clock for 30 hours. Based on the schedule above that is a max of 24 hands on hours but is less because of appointments that go unused.

If you are ready for a JOB that values EVERY hour you work then we would like for you to send us your resume.

Job Type: Part-time


  • Massage Therapist (Required)

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