Marketing Assistant – El Monte, CA

  • Assist on creating and executing marketing & sales strategy, sales channel developments, conducting impact analysis, and real time adjustment of strategy paths as needed, according to market change, if any.
  • Design, compile info, draft, and publish marketing related posts and articles on various marketing channels.
  • Responsible to assist on promoting company brand, conduct short-term rental market research and analysis, and provide solid fundamental data for long-term development plan of the company.
  • Accountable for user data research and analysis, seek important information from big data, and provide proposal on new products and services.
  • Enhance 91bnb brand reputation and product awareness by cooperating with other companies on the market


  • Two or more years of experience on social media marketing and market development, familiar with WeChat, Weibo, TaoBao, and Baidu, etc.
  • Creative, passionate on traveling, work hard, detail oriented and love to assist and help others.
  • Great team player with ability and passion to develop relationships with others.
  • Pay attention to detail, especially on data, and with ability to conduct quantitative analysis.
  • Need to be fluent in both English and Chinese, and with great reading and writing skills.

Please send your resume and all inquiries to [email protected] with a subject HR and the position you are applying. We look forward seeing you and for you to join our big family of 91bnb.

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