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TriStar Skyline Madison Campus – Madison, TN

TriStar Skyline Madison is a mental health facility providing behavioral health services to the greater Nashville area. Our psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and other specialists are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. We are committed to helping adolescents, adults and seniors recover from different mental health disorders and substance abuse. Treatment programs are designed for personalized care and offer a variety of options including inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient care. Our behavioral health navigator works with individuals and their loved ones to find the right plan for each patient.

Skyline Madison
is seeking a Licensed Social Service Therapist

Shift: Full Time


  • Demonstrates an attitude of teamwork and cooperation. Takes initiative to assist other staff in completion of their assignments. Uses good communication skills in interacting with peers, staff and in resolving conflicts. Attends to disagreements in a professional manner and in private. Demonstrates flexibility and supports changes that improve quality of care, service and operations.
  • Conducts behavioral health & addiction treatment-focused group therapy sessions up to five (5) times per day as specified on the unit/department treatment schedule.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of addictions and addiction specific needs for dually diagnosed population
  • Completes education requirements for addiction recommended by Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  • Provide therapeutic interventions that are guided by the treatment/recovery plan

  • Preform psychosocial and behavioral assessments of patients and families to identify emotional, social, and environmental concerns associated with the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and/or life situation

  • Accepts reassignment and additional duties, when necessary, in a flexible and positive manner.

  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct individual and group therapy based on physical, psycho/social, educational, safety and related criteria, appropriate to the age of patients served

  • Provides appropriate treatment based on the psychosocial assessments and the recommendations of the treatment team. Performs individual and family counseling, provides psycho-educational resources and facilitates group counseling.
  • Demonstrates competency in interpretation of patient’s self-reported or behavioral issues related to the age of the patient.
  • Demonstrates attention to detail, thoroughness and accuracy of daily work. Completes high quality work in accordance with outlined standards and procedures within defined timeframes.

  • Understands the cognitive, physiologic, psychological and growth and maturational development of the patient as it relates to his/her age.

  • Demonstrates ability to access age specific data.

  • Demonstrates the ability to integrate age specific factors into the plan of care and involves the patient and family in the care plan process as appropriate to age. (Age of Patient Population Served: Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric).

  • Provides ongoing assessment of patient throughout inpatient hospitalization (as appropriate) to ensure appropriate referrals based on status at the time of discharge.

  • Effectively interviews patient and family members, and other support system personnel, to access the bio-psycho-social status of the patient scheduled for discharge. Works collaboratively to formulate a discharge plan in a timely manner that matches patient with services best able to meet the patient’s needs. Provides ongoing assessment during partial hospitalization to ensure patient is receiving appropriate services and obtains appropriate referrals based on status at the time of discharge.

  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively communicate the recommendations of the treatment team to the patient, the patient’s family, caregivers and other support systems.

  • Effectively assesses the psycho-educational needs of the patient, family, caregivers and resources to the patient’s family and caregivers.

  • Demonstrates the ability to increase the awareness of existing community resources to the patient, family, and caregivers.

  • Effectively performs as a treatment team member by taking an active leadership role in the treatment team process.
  • Be an active participant in the treatment team, ability to give and receive suggestions that will lead to best patient care practices

  • Prepares appropriate written documentation as required by the profession and the department.

  • Consistently conducts and documents a bio-psycho-social assessment within 48 hours of admission.

  • Demonstrates knowledge and competence with the electronic medical record program.

  • Effectively counsels patients and their families regarding psychosocial needs or problems related to their mental health treatments; this includes concerns regarding housing, insurance, medication compliance, financial issues, confidentiality, patient rights and responsibilities

  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively advocate for the patient.

  • Embraces the concept that as professionals in the complex and ever changing field of mental health treatment Behavioral social workers must be active life-long learners. Accepts the added responsibilities of being a master/licensed level professional in terms of educational demands.
  • Utilizes continuing education to better serve the patient, families and community.

  • Provides family and individual therapy based on recognized therapeutic techniques. Gives and receives constructive feedback appropriately

  • Demonstrates uncompromising ethics and personal integrity by adhering to the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  • Demonstrates understanding of and ability to maintain clear professional boundaries with patients and families. Understands that it is never appropriate to give out personal information (phone number, email address, social media contact information) to patients/families.

  • Demonstrates dignity and respect by not perpetrating rumors that adversely affect customer relations and work place moral. Shares information regarding concerns only with appropriate people

  • Adheres to the HCA Code of Conduct and Behavioral Standards

  • Attends staff meetings consistently.
  • Completes requirements for annual evaluation in a timely manner.

  • Consistently protects patient confidentiality as outlined in state and federal statutes and ensures that customer’s privacy is maintained
  • Serve as an active member of the marketing team.




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