Food Service Worker – Pennsylvania


Communication Requirements:

Ability to read and follow written instructions, perform basic math functions and run a cash register.

Education/Vocational Requirements:

High school diploma or G.E.D.

Previous experience in food preparation preferred.

Must be able to read, comprehend and performs written and oral instructions.

Act 168 Misconduct Disclosure, Act 34 Background Check, Act 151 Child Abuse Background Check, and FBI clearances required. Health Appraisal including TB test must be submitted.

Required to complete the ServSafe certification class and take the exam.

Residency Requirements City of Pittsburgh Residency Required

Essential Job Functions

1. Reports to work before scheduled starting time wearing the proper uniform.

2. Signs in and out at the scheduled starting and ending times.

3. Turns on the equipment necessary for heating and serving hot foods.

4. Prepares hot and cold foods according to the preparation instructions and quantities listed on the daily production records.

5. Sets up the serving line or lines with hot and cold foods, beverages, serving and eating utensils, napkins, condiments, a la carte products and drinks as instructed by the Food

Service Manager.

6. Runs a register and performs meal accounting procedures if applicable during meal service times.

7. Cleans and restocks all serving lines with hot and cold foods, beverages, serving and eating utensils, napkins, condiments, a la carte products and drinks as instructed by the Food

Service Manager between meal periods.

8. Cleans lunch tables between meal periods.

9. Counts all leftover hot and cold foods, records the amounts on the daily production sheet and stores all products as instructed by the Food Service Manager.

10. Cleans all equipment on the serving lines, washes pans, bowls, utensils, etc. needed for meal preparation and serving as well as the assigned cafeteria tables.

11. Sweeps and mops the floors in the assigned areas of the kitchen.

12. Launders dries and fold all washcloths and towels.

13. Performs weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning duties as designated by the Food Service Manager.

14. Helps where needed daily.

15. Maintains a safe, sanitary and healthy environment.

Additional Job Information

Physical Demands:

1. Standing: Food Service Workers are required to stand approximately 60-80% of the day on flat surfaces. Periods of continual standing can be up to 30 minutes at one time and are performed while preparing and serving meals. May also serve hot and cold foods, wipe tables and chairs. Standing is performed intermittently with sitting and walking.

2. Walking: Food Service Workers walk approximately 50-80% of the workday. Continual walking is performed for periods up to 20 minutes at one time. Food Service Workers are able to change positions at their own discretion. He/she walks while performing duties in the kitchen and cafeteria areas. Walking is performed intermittently with standing and sitting.

3. Sitting: Food Service Workers sit 10-20% of the workday during meal periods and the contractual 15-minute rest period after working for 4 hours. Sitting is performed intermittently with standing and walking.

4. Lifting: The lifting requirements of Food Service Workers fall within a 20 -pound weight limit. This would involve lifting of a case of milk in completion of job duties. These items would be lifted on an occasional basis (11-33%). Lifting is performed primarily from floor to shoulder level.

5. Carrying: The above listed items, weighing less than 20 pounds, are carried on an occasional basis (11-33%) throughout the day over distances approximately 10-15 feet at one time. The typical carrying requirements of this position do not exceed 20 pounds.

6. Pushing/Pulling: Food Service Workers are required to push and pull 4-wheeled dollies containing various food items that are wheeled within the cafeteria for distribution. Each dolly (full) weighs 50-70 pounds and is on a 4-wheeled cart for pushing/pulling purposes.

7. Climbing: No significant amount of climbing is required of this position.

8. Balancing: No significant amount balancing is required

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