Deloitte Greenhouse® Breakthrough Experience GX Data & Insights Lead– Senior Manager Level – Chicago, IL 60606

Deloitte Greenhouse® Breakthrough Experience GX Data & Insights Lead– Senior Manager Level

The Deloitte Greenhouse® is an advanced, immersive environment designed to accelerate breakthroughs. It combines behavioral methods, analytics, technology and experienced facilitation to create an experience that can bring about extraordinary results for clients. The Deloitte Greenhouse® is designed as a place for cultivation – of ideas, of relationships and of opportunities. In addition, innovation is on all our clients’ agendas and they are at varying digital maturity levels. The Deloitte Greenhouse® provides a forum for innovation, thought leadership, and ground-breaking research to help companies solve the most complex challenges.

The Deloitte Greenhouse® serves the Firm’s program clients. We integrate a suite of unique client and internal offerings called Labs into one dynamic space. Current and future Lab Offerings range from a suite of Signature Breakthrough Experiences (each tailored to the individual client and delivery), to immersive technology showcases and demos, to custom breakthrough experiences addressing innovation, leadership, strategy, transformation, transition and alignment. We provide an environment that fosters creativity and provides a powerful experience for both external and internal teams. Clients who engage in these experiences will uncover highly relevant insights and develop more successful approaches to complex challenges.
Work you’ll do
The Deloitte Greenhouse® Data & Insights Lead will need a passion for transforming data into meaningful business insights and opportunities for our leadership and staff. This role will be responsible for shaping and defining the Deloitte Greenhouse’s data and insight strategy, managing projects that enable our GX leaders to deliver exceptional Deloitte Greenhouse® experiences, and partnering with broader Client Accelerators to ensure consistency with overall data digitization efforts already underway. Candidates should be detail-oriented and will be expected to be a thought leader – generating innovative ideas for how to integrate data, technology, and analytics to help the Deloitte Greenhouse® team make smarter, more informed decisions.

This role will also support the end-to-end client experience delivery across the US Deloitte Greenhouse® sites, including but not limited to leading and designing client Breakthrough Experiences, coordinating with subject matter advisors to bring different perspectives into the experience, project managing the experience delivery logistics, and creating the visual post-experience documentation.

The ideal candidate will have strong analytical and project management skills to address a portfolio of client delivery, pipeline development, and technology-focused strategic initiatives; strong facilitation/presentation skills with an executive presence; an intellectual curiosity coupled with a passion for applying innovative techniques to create dynamic, unique sessions for clients. Most importantly, a passionate explorer disposition that meets challenges with excitement, an inquisitive nature, and a proactive and hard-working attitude with the ability to problem solve will help the candidate excel in this role.

IT & Data Expertise

  • Manage all data-related projects and maintaining the pipeline by working with stakeholders to prioritize appropriately
  • Develop a data analytics and insights strategy by which types of data and insights are categorized and prioritized
  • Partner with broader Client Accelerators to ensure appropriate integration and adherence to the overall data strategy as well as balancing competing priorities with shared resources
  • Understand existing technology landscape, how best to utilize existing tools and resources, and make recommendations on how to up the analytics game across the landscape (Specifically able to get up to speed quickly on Salesforce, The Lab Kit, Business Chemistry, Tableau, Adobe Analytics)
  • Collect and synthesize data visualization requirements from appropriate stakeholders while challenging stakeholders to be thoughtful on the action an insight can inspire
  • Work with shared USI resources during development, testing, and deployment
  • Research and bring forward new and emerging analytical tools (BI/AI/NLP/etc.)
  • Contribute to the development of GX’s IT Strategy including technology investments and requirements to support GX and client needs.

Experience Design and Execution

  • Demonstrate superior facilitation and presentation skills including ability to understand and address client challenges and draw out key talking points; select speaking style and approach best suited for the situation and audience
  • Design and deliver tailored, high-quality and consistent experiences at their Deloitte Greenhouse® location for all levels of lab visitors.
  • Lead the coordination and execution of lab design, lab day, post work and ongoing activities.
  • Lead pre-planning calls; drive and customize lab design and planning to align with account team/client needs; work with client teams to plan for and dry-run impactful client sessions by tailoring the Lab, recommending demonstrations to be shown, tailoring demo stories where relevant, and helping to formulate the agenda.
  • Work with business and external partners as needed to construct and orchestrate custom Labs.
  • Bring wide-ranging experience, professional concepts, and functional area/Deloitte objectives to resolve complex issues in creative ways; bring personal subject matter expertise to play where relevant.

Project Management

  • Leading / supporting technology-focused projects for the Greenhouse Experience® team.
  • Creating product and project roadmaps, gathering user requirements and feedback, testing and prioritizing fixes and modifications.
  • Working seamlessly with the Deloitte Greenhouse® site teams to create the best possible experience for lab teams while onsite at one of our Greenhouse locations or mobile sites.
  • Promoting sessions when interacting with account teams in support of the team’s goals.
  • Working collaboratively with the Account team members, promoting teamwork and high quality deliverables.
  • Contributing to the overall Deloitte Greenhouse® program through new Lab offerings, technologies, tools, processes, etc.
  • Providing oversight, development and guidance to remote team members.
  • Working with the business, ITS, and external partners around the globe as needed in the research, development, and/or implementation of technology experiences.

The team
The Data & Insights Lead will be trained in the design techniques, facilitation best practices, custom and repeatable offerings by the Greenhouse Experience® team and will be an active member of the broader Deloitte Greenhouse® community nationally. The role will report to the IT Lead and regularly interact with teams from external vendors, USI, and across the Deloitte Greenhouse® and firm.


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