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Compress PDF Files With Free PDF Compressor

Adobe PDF documents are quite popular. Most people share them because creating a graphic-heavy document is more easier with it. But with more graphics comes bigger size. PDF files are known to be the heaviest of any document formats out there.

Since majority of the people share PDF documents online, it is important to compress every last bit of it. Compression reduces the size without reducing the overall quality. Free PDF Compressor(or Nice PDF Compressor) is a utility that optimizes both images and text, removes duplicate objects, and uses Flate or RunLength compression algorithm to reduce the size of the document.

First start the program and on the main window click Next.

PDF Compressor

On the next step select the source, you can select a single PDF file that you want to compress or a whole folder(for batch compression). When done, click Next.

PDF Batch Compressor

It will not compress locked PDF files. You will have to first unlock it and then compress it using this tool. To check if the PDF document is encrypted, click Check Now. If it it not encrypted, click Next.

Check PDF Encryption

Now choose the compression algorithm that you want to apply. When you have chosen all settings, click Next.

Flate PDF Compression

Select the Output destination where you want to save the compressed document and hit Next.

PDF Compress Output

Here you will have to wait 25 seconds before you can click Next because the copy is the free edition. If you want to get rid of this time limit, you will have to buy the full version. 25 seconds will pass quite fast, so you won’t have to wait longer. When the time reaches zero, hit Next.

Note: Free Edition and Paid Edition have same functionality. The difference is that free version has 25 seconds time limit before it can begin compression, which is not a big deal.

Wait 25 seconds before software start

It will then start begin analyzing and verifying all settings that were selected and will begin compression. The time taken will depend on the size of the PDF file and the settings you have selected.

Compressing PDF Document

When the compression is done, you will be find a report in the end showing the result before and after the compression and the percentage size that was reduced.

Compression PDF Report

This software does not guarantee that every PDF file size will reduce. But it is still better to try it out(if you are not afraid of new software).

Download Nice PDF Compressor

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. Another option that might even be better is CVISION’s PdfCompressor. You can choose to download a free trial, or you can use the online tools at here.…

    • But Cvision online leaves a programme banner across the bottom of each page, which is not so nice.

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