JOB TITLE: Certified Nursing Assistant
DEPARTMENT: Long Term Care Center
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Charge Nurse, Nursing Supervisor and/or Director of Nursing

JOB SUMMARY: Under the supervision of a licensed nurse, performs hands-on nursing care for the residents within the West Park LTCC with emphasis on daily care needs, personal hygiene and cleanliness, grooming and skin care.

The staff member must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served on his or her assigned unit. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the aging process, possess the ability to assess the patient’s age-specific needs, and provide the care needed as described in the LTCC’s policies and procedures.

Young Adult- 18 years through 34 years
Middle Adult- 35 years through 50 years
Mature Adult- 51 years through 69 years
Geriatric Adult- 70 years +

This is the regular population served by the LTCC, however it is possible that persons younger than 18 could be admitted into residency.

CULTURE/RELIGIOUS ASPECTS: Employee will care for patients of all cultural and religious backgrounds.

ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: Employee performs within the prescribed limits of the hospitals/departments Ethics and Compliance Program. Is responsible to detect, observe and report compliance variances to their immediate supervisor, or upward through the chain of command, the Compliance Office or hospital hotline.


1. Notes any unusual physical or behavioral changes in the residents, such as bruises, abrasions, rashes or reddened areas on the resident’s skin; or an increased agitation, confusion, lethargy or other unusual behavior.
2. Reports the above observations to the charge nurse in a timely manner.
3. Obtains vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure) as requested by the charge nurse and reports/records as appropriate.
4. Measures intake and output accurately and records on the appropriate clinical record.
5. Observes percent of meal consumed at every meal and records immediately.
6. Obtains accurate weights of residents as required.
7. Reports any changes or unusual observations of the resident’s mouth/oral cavity to the licensed nurse.

Personal Care

1. Assists with or performs personal hygiene for the resident, including washing the face, hands and all personal areas.
2. Assists with or performs proper grooming for the resident such as combing and styling hair and helping the resident to choose clean and appealing clothes, if necessary.
3. Assists the resident with a tub or total bed bath as instructed by the licensed nurse.
4. Gives back rubs with approved lotions to all residents at night, and more frequently to those who are bedfast or highly immobile.
5. Shaves the male resident on a daily basis if he is unable to shave himself.
6. Assists the resident to wash his/her face and hands after meals when necessary, and to properly dispose of bibs in the laundry hamper.
7. Assists or performs oral care for residents including brushing the teeth or dentures, properly labeling and storing dentures, using mouthwash or special procedures as instructed by the licensed nurse.
8. Answers call lights for all residents in an expeditious manner.
9. Performs active and passive range of motion for residents as requested by the licensed nurse.

Lifting and Moving Residents

1. Assists designated residents to ambulate as instructed by the licensed nurse.
2. Transports residents by wheelchair or other means to locations within the LTCC or Medical Center.
3. Assists residents to transfer from bed to chair, etc., using approved methods.
4. Repositions residents who cannot do so satisfactorily themselves, at least every two hours.
5. Repositions and properly bridges residents who are in bed at least every two hours.
6. Repositions residents who are up in the chair at least every two hours, e.g., assist to lie down or ambulate as instructed by the licensed nurse.
7. Always performs lifting using approved methods with safety in mind to prevent injury to resident and/or self.


1. Matches the resident with the proper diet before serving the meal.
2. Assists the resident at each meal to ensure an adequate nutritional intake; e.g., set up the meal, open cartons, cut food into small pieces if necessary.
3. Feeds the resident who is unable to feed himself.
4. Records the percent of each meal consumed immediately after meals.
5. Passes nourishments/snacks to all residents receiving dietary supplements; records on the clinical record the percent of nourishment consumed.
6. Reports to the charge nurse when poor appetite and/or fluid intake is noted.
7. Ensures that fresh water is always available for the resident, unless otherwise instructed; passes juices and water on each shift.
8. Always helps to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere at mealtime.

Resident’s Environment

1. Changes bed linens at pre-determined intervals and/or when linens are soiled.
2. Disposes of soiled linens and clothes promptly and properly to reduce unwanted odors.
3. Knows and follows policies and procedures related to infection control.
4. Immediately disposes of the contents of bedpans, urinals and/or commodes and rinses receptacles with an approved disinfectant prior to reuse.
5. Keeps resident room neat and clean at all times; keeps bedside stand neat and items properly stored inside.
6. Clearly marks and properly stores personal belongings.
7. Properly marks and promptly launders clothes when soiled; hangs clothes neatly in the resident’s closet.
8. Upon admission of a new resident, checks to see that a glass and fresh water, clean towels and washcloths, etc., are ready for the resident.
9. Always fastens the resident’s call light within reach of the resident.
10. Knows and is able to carry out approved emergency procedures.
11. Reports all unusual occurrences breakage and damage to equipment immediately and removes broken items from area of use as necessary.

Bowel and Bladder

1. Assists residents to the toilet or commode per assignment and as requested. Toilets residents upon arising in AM, prior to and after meals, and at night.
2. Changes incontinent residents after every episode; performs adequate perineal hygiene for residents incapable of self-care.
3. Records bowel and bladder function after every shift.
4. Performs catheter care using approved procedures.
5. Completes assigned duties such as maintaining utility areas and other miscellaneous assignments.
6. Reports all unusual occurrences, breakage and damage.
7. Attends Inservice meetings.
8. May be required to perform other related duties for which the individual is qualified.

EDUCATION: High school diploma or equivalent preferred. Previous experience as a nursing assistant in acute or long term care preferred. Previous training and/or education in nursing related areas or as a nursing assistant preferred. Certification by the Wyoming Board of Nursing is required within four (4) months of employment.
CPR certification is required as per guidelines at the healthcare provider level.

SKILLS: Exhibits a special interest in the older adult and others requiring long term care. Has sufficient written and verbal communication skills to understand instructions and complete basic charting functions. Maintains confidentiality. Seeks out and attends educational offerings to maintain necessary clinical skills.

WORK HOURS: Actual hours worked is dependent on staffing needs. Rotating shifts may be required if necessary. Weekends and holidays are required as scheduled. Every other weekend off is not assured during probationary period nor over holidays.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work area is primarily within the well-lighted, heated and air conditioned resident care areas. May be exposed to unpleasant sights and smells, infectious diseases and combative patients.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Standing, sitting, walking, lifting up to 50 lbs. Has well-developed motor coordination and manual dexterity to perform basic skills. Must have good vision, hearing, speech and language abilities to perform and communicate nursing assistant activities.

Any lifting of 35# or more requires the use of an assistive device and/or physical assistance.


1. Tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues. This includes all procedures or job related tasks that involve inherent potential for mucous membrane or skin contact with blood, body fluids or tissues, or potential spills or splashes of them.

2. Tasks that do not involve exposure to blood, body fluids or tissue, but exposure may be required as a condition of employment. Appropriate protective measures are readily available to these employees when needed.

3. Tasks that involve NO exposure to blood, body fluids or tissue and Category I tasks are not a condition of employment.

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