Cellar Person/Lab Technician – Jackson, WY

We are seeking a Cellar Person/Lab Technician to join our growing team. We are seeking an experienced cellar coworker to grow with our brewing and packing teams and manage our fermentation efforts with precision, quality and care. This position will work closely with our brewing and lab team to support the quality of our processes and products.

This role will be responsible for the product from fermentation through packaging. Specific duties include fermentation management, dry-hopping, centrifuging, carbonating and packaging quality measures including seam testing, oxygen and carbonating testing and shelf life analysis. This role will require weekends / odd hours.

Job Responsibilities:

  • pH, gravities, QC testing, can seam testing, Can DO/CO2 monitiroing, sensory and general lab support;
  • General ownership of cellar and cellar cleaning;
  • Operate GEA Centrifuge, monitoring turbidity and DO through process;
  • CIP, SIP, and Operate HopGun
  • Ensure that product and processes are free from contamination;
  • Clean, sanitize and purge FV and BBTs according to SOPs;
  • Yeast harvest and pitching;
  • Carbonating and dissolved oxygen monitoring with using Cbox standards;
  • Effective communication with Roadhouse team.

Job Qualifications:

  • 2+ years in a production brewery in a cellar role;
  • Must be able to lift 50lbs safely;
  • Must have a strong ability to multi-task;
  • Must love being a part of a dynamic, hard-working team.

Equipment Used: Braukon and AAA tanks with electronic controls, CIP skid, Anton Paar C Box, can seam tester, Can piercer, GEA centrifuge, Braukon hopgun, pumps, CO2 system, various packaging and lab equipment.


Compensation is salary based. Benefits include health insurance coverage, PTO, affiliate discount programs, and free beer.

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