Business Process Analyst Level I – Elizabeth City, NC

RCM IT Support Tech Position Required Job Skills

  • Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • When data validity issues in ACMS, AMMIS, or EAL are identified and reported by any USCG business center, perform the following tasks:

    • Troubleshoot issue.
    • Identify cause.
    • Develop solution.
    • Submit SCR with solution attached to correct issue.
    • Monitor the SCR request until change completed.

2. Operating System

  • Manage current “cron-job” operating schedules for RCM, EAL, ACMS, and other USCG business centers as necessary. Some examples of current “cron jobs” include:

    • R3 (RCM cron-job)
    • BB_budget (ALC cron-job)
    • Rogue_parts (Policy_QA cron-job)
    • Byberg_report (EAL cron-job)
  • Troubleshoot and correct issues that stop or prevent cron-jobs from running smoothly and accurately.
  • Work closely with Systems engineering to create new cron-jobs for RCM, EAL, ACMS, or other USCG business centers as requested.

3. Assist RCM group with initial implementation of SAS software operation. Provide further assistance with the application of SAS software for RCM group.

4. Upon request, assist RCM group in the implementation of extensive or intricate queries and database tables for use by the RCM group, ALC, or the USCG. Work along with database management team on implementation for environmental separation.

5. Assess and ensure the RCM group possesses all applicable application permissions.

6. Assess and ensure RCM group software and hardware is up to date with the most practical products for data analysis and reliability support of USCG by working closely with the asset management and IA team.

7. Assist RCM with software testing as needed as changes.

8. Be the liaison for ISD and ESD to communicate all IT issues that are hindering the deliverables and tasking.

9. Understand the data analytics of EAL, AMMIS, and ACMS.

10. Business and cyber security pertaining to hardware, software, and all IT assets is mandatory.

11. Work closely with network administrator on firewall ports and systems admins.

12. Ingres and Oracle relational database software experience is needed.

13. Microsoft Suite experience is needed.

VariQ is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.


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