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About AstraZeneca in Gaithersburg, MD

Our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility creates life-changing medicines for people around the world. This campus employs more than 3,500 experts in our field and is only a short drive from Washington, DC. This modern and vibrant scientific campus is the home of R&D and Oncology in the US. Here, we play host to some of the most cutting-edge technology and lab spaces, all designed to inspire collaboration and multi-functional science. We believe employees benefit from being challenged and inspired at work. We are dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion and collaboration.

The Gaithersburg site offers a range of amenities to help boost productivity and help keep our employees happy and healthy. This includes a fitness center, employee healthcare clinic, electric vehicle charging stations, dry cleaning, full-service cafeteria and copy center. This is where you’ll find newly-designed, activity-based work spaces to suit a variety of working styles while increasing collaboration between teams.

Summary of the Group

Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering consists of more than 200 innovative scientists with extensive experiences in protein drug development from all around the globe. We design protein therapeutics and engineer novel technology platforms for programs across R&D with emphasis and expertise in antibody discovery, bispecifics, T cell engagers, Antibody Drug Conjugates, Cell Therapy, in vivo Expressed Biologics and Augmented Drug Design. Our researchers collaborate in multi-functional teams across AstraZeneca bringing innovative ideas and new protein modalities designed to target cancer, metabolic, cardiovascular, renal and respiratory diseases, inflammation and microbial pathogens.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

In this role, you will be part of a group of pioneering innovative researchers exploring novel pathways and constantly pushing the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines to patients in the discovery and design of therapeutic proteins for programs across R&D.

  • Protein structure modeling, in silico design, machine learning, and augmented drug design
  • Antibody discovery and engineering
  • Screening antibody libraries
  • Developing and performing primary screening assays
  • Recombinant expression and purification of antibodies/proteins

Education & Experience Requirements

PhD in biological sciences plus 4-8 years' relevant experience or MS plus 8-10 years' relevant experience or BS plus 9-13 years' relevant experience

Required Skills

  • Experience in protein/antibody engineering, and structural biology or in silico modeling with research experience in the various molecular and structural aspects of protein design
  • Protein structure modeling, in silico design (MOE, Schrodinger, Rosetta, Discovery Studio)
  • Molecular biology (in particular site-directed mutagenesis/cloning/PCR)
  • Protein libraries screening and characterization (Phage/Mammailan/Yeast display)
  • Expression of recombinant proteins in bacterial and mammalian cells
  • Protein purification and biophysical characterization

Desired Skills

  • Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Biochemistry or Crystallography or Computational chemistry
  • Automation and high-throughput screening
  • Developability screens of therapeutic proteins

Why AstraZeneca?

At AstraZeneca when we see an opportunity for change, we seize it and make it happen, because any opportunity no matter how small, can be the start of something big. Delivering life-changing medicines is about being entrepreneurial – finding those moments and recognising their potential. Join us on our journey of building a new kind of organisation to reset expectations of what a bio-pharmaceutical company can be. This means we’re opening new ways to work, pioneering cutting edge methods and bringing unexpected teams together. Interested? Come and join our journey.

So, what’s next?

Are you ready to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to the table? Brilliant! We have one seat available, and we hope it’s yours.

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